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We are Sara and Agustina, we are sisters, we live on this wonderful island of Mallorca. Before discovering natural cosmetics, we lived in Argentina and worked in other professions. Sara, lawyer and Agustina customs officer. So you'll wonder how we got to this.

We spent our childhood in the countryside, there we enjoyed very simple and magical things at the same time. We get lost in the cornfields, gather fruit, gather branches to make little houses in the trees. We were free. Our parents and grandparents conveyed the value of nature to us in different ways. And it was thanks to that that we did not completely disconnect despite having lived in a big city where we developed our stage of education and work.

When we began to become aware of how our actions impact the environment, we began to conceive this project. And without knowing it, somehow we were reconnecting with our childhood and ancestors.

And although we have enjoyed our previous professions and have surely helped us get here, today we lead a much simpler life, we are back to our roots. We do not pretend to be perfect, and although we want to take care of our skin and enhance the natural beauty, in every step we take we keep in mind to be respectful of our planet, because we consider that we are the same, and that by taking care of it we are respecting ourselves.

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